Monday, September 5, 2016

When In Hush

Running in the head
        are thoughts non-negligible.
Whether it's a good thing or not,
         is what makes one skeptic about.
Silence evidently,
         is deafening to others.
Nonetheless, never mistake it,
         as stupidity and dumbness.
When in quietness, the surroundings bring one
         to heightened senses.
True colors unfold
         as one discerns in tranquility.
In scrutiny, encounter the dirty tricks,
         the cover-ups, the showing off;
Never rare gestures you surely
          would not miss to see.
Oftentimes, they rain on your parade;
          narrate silence is underrated.
They never have the slightest clue that the clever ones
         draw wisdom from the soundlessness.

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