Monday, August 29, 2016

The Passengers

Down the terminal, I gazed up straight to your direction.
Distance apart, exchanged snippets of stare aboard the bus to our destination.
As I reached the area to my next ride,
Never would have I expected we'd be seated side by side.
Fate brought me beside you unoccupied.
We waited, listened to each other's breathing tongue-tied.
Slowly, passengers settled in and we hit the road.
Awkward but comfortable enough, straightaway, I was on slumber mode.
Although the struggle was real, not to lean on you as I reclined,
I lost consciousness throughout the travel time.
It was as if the journey ended in a snap.
Our short-time bond unfastened, like in a movie shoot when it's a wrap.
Then, we arrived, turned our backs just like we never said hi.
For we're strangers, and we never bade goodbye.

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