Friday, August 26, 2016

The Nerve

You came and ruined me and everything else.
I fell into the trap of your hands like a curse.
You smashed me and left me almost dead;
Took everything of me and all that's left was you, in my head.
You fed me lies amidst your wooing.
Said she and you were on the rocks and parting.
Later, I figured out.
She and you were still making out.

Even though it's hard, I took the initiative --
To be distant, to move on and to live.
I'd nurtured the pain for a long time.
Yet, I had to get up, get it going and climb.
I'd thought I'd succeeded
A love that's overrated.
Then history resulted to another history.
I can't even forgive my gullibility.
Another round of tears and spear,
Rocketed through the heart with a sneer.

In the long run, we patched our friendship up.
Tried to be cool, but inevitably, you again flopped.
Flaunting your thick-faced casanova demeanor,
You tried to win and destroy a bunch of another.

You tried to make me an accomplice on such hideous adventure, isn't it nice?
 And, you call yourself a responsible man? Think twice!
You claimed that you'd changed.
With that treacherous attitude? That's strange!
Better go home, take care of your tots;
Put your missus on a pedestal and cloud up your thoughts.
Don't you ever dare to get me into your lure,
Or you'll experience my wrath that's hard to endure.

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