Monday, August 22, 2016

My JaDine Heart

I admit I'm a tad silent fan of this reel-to-real love team. Some people around me still raise their brow or let out an obvious smirk whenever I am on a fan girl mode. At first, I don't know why they care so much about it when in fact I don't pester them to go watch a #JaDine movie with me.Well, I don't give a damn on them anyhow. Let them be as long as I am happy, because to be honest, James and Nadine are the only people nowadays, who keep me high and inspired and go on with life, every time I feel like dragging myself to work, or yet force myself to achieve a friendly atmosphere, or when I needed to just keep quiet and shun the world away.

Yes, I've watched all their movies and shows from Diary Ng Panget, Talk Back And You're Dead, Para Sa Hopeless Romantic, Beauty And The Bestie, and This Time; My App Boyfie, their stint on MMK, sometimes #JaDine (why sometimes- because I can only watch this show when I am home away from work).

And I could say I was a loyal OTWOLISTA. I work on a graveyard shift, but I did try my best to catch up and watched the replays as much as possible. Now that their new teleserye #TilIMetYou is on the works, and will be airing a week from now, I know that everyone, in JaDine land, is so excited already, including me.

I would like to air out my gratitude as well to all their fandom. If not for you guys, I wouldn't get so updated of the happenings on JaDine. So thank you guys, you deserve a HUMONGOUS KUDOS!
James Reid and Nadine Lustre
*photo credits to James Reid

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