Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Thief of Ideas

Someone close to me related this story. Once in our lifetime, we get to meet people who would have a huge impact in our life, yet, it isn't a guarantee that it is the kind of impact that would help you grow as a good person, or if it's going to be a test for the toughest, or if it's going to devour and swallow your greatness.

He chooses the latter, as we speak. Prior to all these realizations, "friend"is never the kind of person who has got any ill feelings toward anybody. It's just that recently everything sinks in. He's contented in any way possible, did well on his job, truthful and honest about everything he's supposed to do, even though others don't follow the protocols and guidelines. He never mind about others taking a not-so-well-deserved reward (he knows they're not even worth it), as long as he's doing his job properly and sincerely. There were times he got tempted to bend the rules but he just can't amidst the unfairness of the situation. He's not the type of person who would do such unacceptable act, even if nobody would really know, just to gain recognition. 

Until someone around him went overboard. He narrated he wanted to understand where she was coming; if it's the taste for fame and attention that made her do it, or she just couldn't take the fact that someone else could outsmart her and someone else out there is as good as her or better. 

He got so disappointed. His brilliant ideas where snatched out of him, claimed by someone else as hers. All he ever heard from the person was "I","my", "mine", etc. There was never any "his","my colleague's" or "my friend's"(because he thought they were). Slowly it registered, that was all about discrediting him. Agreeably, she is the more outspoken one. Hence, the opportunity-grabbing to steal someone else's idea or answers or solutions or whatever it may be. Being outspoken doesn't even entail that you're an intelligent person; and that doesn't even give you the right to step on someone else's foot.
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Then thoughts cloud up his mind with past gestures that the culprit did to try to embarrass him, but being the "nice one" that he is,  he neglected and never dwelt on it. He can't do anything about it anymore. He just let her be, let karma take charge, or wait for her conscience to awaken her (that if she has). 

The situation has taking its toll on him emotionally. But, he learned his lesson. Never trust that person anymore. Don't give her any opportunity to do it again. So just keep mum unless hardly needed.  

My mind and my heart is with him on this. Personally, I can relate to it. I can feel his resentment and exasperation. I, too, had my shares of circumstances where someone else's copied my thoughts, and enjoyed immeasurably the fruits of the outcome, which were supposed to be mine. I just don't want to blurt it out to his face, for I don't want to break his momentum.

Nevertheless, I know too well, that we're going to surpass this kind of disappointment in our lives. With fervent prayers and strengthened faith, we'll be able to brave and outrun these tribulations.



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