Saturday, June 30, 2012

Atom Araullo

I am smitten by the guy named Alfonso Tomas Araullo, popularly known as Atom Araullo from the news.

I evidently found myself looking up the definition of his name on Apparently, there were 7 Alfonso meanings on it, and 3 Tomases.

Some ridiculous, some are not, but I settled on these ones, which I thought suit him:
            Alfonso: a strong (mentally and physically), caring, unconditionally loving person. He makes friends very easily and tends to be loved by many.
           Tomas: very attractive, extremely funny, a smart person (although others may not think so), and handsome.

I knew him barely as the witty and gwapo host of Breakfast (the now defunct morning show on Studio 23), and a seemingly reserved news reporter on TV Patrol. He just looks so cool to me.  

One day, I hope to meet you in person, Atom. I envisioned a talk over coffee, a funny conversation that goes along really well, a simple hang-out or a picnic by the beach alongside a bonfire, watching your sparkling eyes twinkle as you relate some amazing stories you carry with you. And that, one day, one beautiful friendship with you, springs anew.

There's nothing with being too ambitious, right? I need your support guys. :)

This imagination's way too sweet to be true. Yet, dreams are made to inspire us, as wishes incline us to see beyond horizons and then give us hope that probabilities and possibilities can turn into realities, at one point in our life. Faith and prayers go hand in hand.

I do have faith. Hope it's more than enough for my wishes and prayers to come true. :)

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