Saturday, April 7, 2012

Collection of Thoughts

For all its worth
'Tis the nth time to utter these words.
This wakefulness won't give me a break;

this I could no longer take.
Oh, my knight from miles and miles away,
bring me to slumber and let me dream of you today.

Move on and don't care too much.
Thought could do much better on that, but, it's a fat chance.
There's too much drama and crap that soften the heart and hinder the soul
from being bitter snitch! Pathetic it may seem, but, apparently confused, whether this is good news or not, or what?

I may have been real nice to friends, if I may say so...
that's why HOLLER!
I can lend you my shoulder if you need one to cry on, holler;
I can lend you my ears to listen to your melody of whines, holler;
I can lend you my arms if there's not enough hugs of comfort that you get, holler.
Keep your faith, know that: All's well that ends well, as what they say.

I am devastated and have been masking a fake smile on the face.
I am tired, so as the mind and heart which have been so involved with
these melodramatic stunts I put out, but these ain't histrionic gestures.
I could only write down what I feel because I don't have enough strength anymore to haggle with my self with such remorse and pain.

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