Thursday, July 1, 2010


How can I heal my broken heart?
You just don't have any idea how much pain you caused.
You told me you love me but I just don't have a clue to what extent and as what..?
Your warm touch speaks to me as if I'm the only one;
Your kisses remind me how much you care for me.
You hug me like it's forever;
You embrace me like you'll never let go.
But, all those are mere glimpses of the past.
A short-lived happiness that eventually turned out haunting me once in a while.
Fate has not been a lot friendlier lately.
We have our paths crossed constantly.
Many times, I've been wanting to let you out of my mind but I am overpowered by the thought of keeping you and fighting for you.
You have been the strength to my weakness and once have been the weakness I endured.
Thinking of you adds up hurt in my heart.
It tears me into pieces each time I picture out, you are with someone else.
You don't know how it is to feel as if you are strangled with all the emotions around you;
When you're confused to go on or move on without you.
I need to get out... because by not doing so, you are making me hurt myself all the more.
Being happy with you entails just another moment of depression.
But, I just can't help it...
Because I don't want to give you up and I don't want to let go.

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