Thursday, May 27, 2010

Off The Cuff

  1. I agree that the worst enemy you can have is yourself. There's no one to blame but yourself if anything doesn't cut it.
  2. Hate, they say, is such a big word. I may not want to use it but inevitably, I still do.
  3. I hate people who don't know how to "KEEP THEIR WORD". I do expect too much so if we know each other, worst, if we are friends or we do have a history and all that, don't make promises sound like it will happen but MAKE it happen.
  4. This particular line from a television show never went off my head ever since I heard of it. I can't phrase it out correctly but it goes something like this: "No matter how you blur the lines, if it's a LIE, it would always remain a LIE".
  5. Perhaps, I'm just all fed up with all the bluffs people blurt out. It is synonymous to DISHONESTY and UNTRUTHFULNESS. People use it for convenience. I do admit I lie... to myself and to other people but at least I try not to anymore. Had so much of its impact including the negativity I'm carrying right now. To tell you, it doesn't feel right, so to speak.
  6. I squirm to accept the fact that no matter how much you hated a certain person, yet if unconsciously you love him with all your heart, once you get to talk to him or even get a sight of him from afar, everything you dislike about him- hostility even more for the hateful things he did, will all vanish in just one full swoop.
  7. We are given the freedom to choose how we maneuver our life and there's always an equivalent consequence to its effect. Whether we say true or not, we are still never in control. For me, how I live life is just like a matter of several styles laid out in front of you, what you do is to pick out which you want and see what it has to offer, have to bear with whatever choice you've got and stick with it no matter what it has brought about. In the long run, you get to taste life's shits and sweets.
  8. LOVE brings too much joy and happiness. The scariest part of it is when you don't want to let go when it has to be. So, pain settles in and you suffer.
  9. Be more careful with the guys who say "i love you" to you even though they already got themselves girlfriends of their own . They are up to something HIDEOUS. Once you fall for their trap, they'll just cut you off instantly because they DON'T WANT TO BE TOO ATTACHED and worst is, they don't want to fall for you, they just see you as something they can use, play with and whom they can benefit from!!!
  10. People have REASONS why they leave. However, they too, have options whether they CHOOSE to STAY or not.
  11. If the person you love too much doesn't love you as much, or not even close to loving you, then it's either you continue loving the person and humiliate, agitate and torture yourself with immense pain or be grateful you have loved, let go, move on and accept reality that you can do better than that. Darn! you will eventually realize that that person IS NOT even WORTH IT!
  12. Be happy all the time although HURT IS INEVITABLE and LONELINESS CAN BE PERVASIVE. Be delighted with all the surprises life has for you.

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