Monday, April 5, 2010

Tired and Bored

What really keeps me going is to take it easy… although it’s been hurting so much, I wouldn’t be able to heal these wounds in a snap. So tired of always being the “last” person being thought about, the last person to be cared about, and the last person being remembered, always the “last” person.

Is it too much to ask for a bit of attention… to be able to be considered and accepted and to be treated as someone special?

Being taken advantage of, I don’t mind but taken for granted, I don’t deny affects me. People may not be sensitive about it. What I was just hoping for is being remembered not during the times of misery, but at times when I cross their minds, I can paint their faces with smiles not because I was there during low times but because I can simply make them smile.

This boredom is breaking my heart, and makes me feel weak emotionally, and loneliness envelopes me as I realize facts about myself. True enough, the person who is “always the last choice”.

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