Saturday, May 9, 2009

WHYs That Puzzle Me

  1. Why don’t we realize relevance and essence on existence?
  2. Why does it feel so disappointing and upsetting when the level of care you bestow is never compensated with the degree of appreciation you have been expecting (although expectations should be a different story.. we should never expect because it [expecting] is what hurts the most)?
  3. Why does it hurt so much when you find that others who care less are given such special recognition when all they could do at times is just swim in the sea of oblivion?
  4. Why can’t we help it and get mad at ourselves for being so stupid sometimes?
  5. Why do we give away our trust when all others can do is just waste it and take it for granted?
  6. Why do we hold on to promises when promises are to be broken?
  7. Why is it so difficult to say “I love you” when you mean it yet easily blurt it out when it’s fake?
  8. Why do we suppress our feelings to be saved from pain but still end up suffering and much worse even?
  9. Why do we have to use other resources to express ourselves when we can always speak out and tell it to their faces?
  10. Why are there a lot of insensitive and self-centered creatures on earth?
  11. Why do we keep on thinking of people who doesn’t even bother to check if we are still breathing?
  12. Why don’t we love others we don’t like?
  13. Why do we shun people who care so much yet exert so much effort just to get noticed by someone who doesn’t care?
  14. Why can’t we just hold on to the one we care and never let go even if they wanted to [get the hell out of the grip] badly?
  15. Why do we hope so much still ‘though obviously only false hopes are embracing us?
  16. Why does heartache get its cure from the one who’s given it?
  17. Why am I wasting my time jotting all these questions and end up a zero solution to whatever my problem is?


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