Thursday, April 9, 2009

Optimism Vs. Pessimism

Everyday should be a celebration of life. Everyday should entail merriment despite those which trouble us. I have always lived a miserable life– at least that’s what I thought of before and I exerted a lot of effort to convince myself that everything happens for a reason.

We stumble. We get up. We are crumpled. We are shattered. We are whole again. We love. We are loved at the same time, we are hated. We live. We die.

Yes! We even invite death for some horrible reasons when in devastation; when in terrible inexplicable pain; when in disparateness. However, it is so ironic that we fear death if it comes uninvited. So funny yet it’s true. 

Eventually, we run out of options to drive it away or hide.. so we give in to its threatening hug, we solve our issues before we ran out of time. We break our ties. Avoid attachments. Cut commitments. Stay out of the world we will soon depart, just so people will get used to us “not being around”.

Life is unpredictable, stubborn, the worst enemy we could have, cruel yet the sweetest we could ever get and share. Counting the days left is such a ridiculous idea but who can help it. It’s a pathetic feeling when you are on the brink of death.

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