Friday, December 5, 2008


Didn’t know how it start?
A reality which is breaking me apart.
Such a thing that’s growing inside my heart,
Thought I’d handle it well but still I’m not that smart.

Am I that good of an actor,
for you not to be able to realize what I felt for you?
Or are you just as stubborn as you are,
that you really don’t give a damn on
whosoever heart you mar?

Darn! Falling for you was the biggest,
hardest ever mistake.
Couldn’t blame me, for I myself am the biggest victim
of this wake.

I should have not let you drag me in such
a fantasy you maneuver.
Let you successfully shower me with false concerns
you were a master at. You are such a faker.

Don’t you just hold me tight,
when at hand lies a favor you’d ask for?
Don’t you just attend to me
when all else are not there at your door?

Is this the reward I get for sticking around?
I can’t deny the pain brought about by the love,
in you I found.
You, indeed, are good at this game.
So stupid of me not to hesitate the time you came.

Now, I’m finally drifting myself away.
And, you’re happy I ain’t asking you to stay.
Now, I finally convinced myself; be gone!

So stop now!
Stop keeping in touch;
stop acting as if you care.
Stop the ‘missing you’.
Stop the ‘could’ve loved you’.

Nonsense as these [things] are, is you.
I may have thrown away part of myself
in this tragic moment,
yet someday,
I know someone’s gonna find it
to make me whole again.

I may be ripped and torn, but,
negative thoughts are set aside.
Hence, an assurance that mending
is going to be over soon.

My heart may be incapable as of the moment,
But, as time heals all wounds,
No boundaries will be set once it
start to love again.

I may be a fool entrapped by you,
yet, for heaven’s sake,
Am hell one genius
in ‘escape hatch’ too.

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