Saturday, November 8, 2008

I Would Rather

“No man is an island”, a common line we often associate with our life, and that we need someone, an ally to keep us going on and to inspire us in any way. 
We get to be so dependent on others at times that it could hurt so much every time they seem to forget us and when they try to separate from our lives. 
I often ponder: 
“Would I rather have a bunch of people around me today and experience that specific hurt every time they move away or I’d rather be alone and live a peaceful heart with no glint of hurt to worry eventually?”.
“Would I rather be with friends who in one moment are there for you then gone in another time or rather be by myself free of any thought about them, skeptic about whether they are still thinking of me, as if they care?”
*photo taken in Bantayan Island
We really can’t succeed in winning people if they decide not to be won. 
We really can’t force people to stay if they don’t want to. I need to accept the fact that I am just human and I also get tired of standing up for what I am fighting for. 
I’d like to think that it’s forgivable to say that it’s definitely hard when you’re on a one way street. And, I know I am not deprived of retreating. I think it’s better for me to give up than investing a lot of disappointments out of all efforts gone unnoticed and unrecognized. It’s not my loss anyway or might as well give recognition to those who are conspicuous but which I often ignored. 
They much more deserve it.

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