Saturday, September 9, 2006

Life Race

There’s nothing more common than the line “life ain’t easy". 
Indeed, I’m right. We all are, especially for the so called “not-so-lucky-ones” and the “not-so-fortunate-with-fortune-dudes”.

We get to mess up with our fate with loads of trials and mistakes, a burden of hang-ups, the inevitable show-off of shortcomings and imperfections, and all other excess baggage comfortably resting on our shoulder.

How far is life ahead? When do I reach the finish line? Then you question yourself. Will I ever survive this race I got myself into? And, what am I racing for, by the way?

A life towards… security  …contentment… peacefulness… or happiness (all the more)?

We get to have a handful of those as we go past our obstacles on our race but somehow failed to manage a full grip of it so we unintentionally let go of every bits of reasons and aims for this race, so that, as we run through life over again, we purposely exert so much effort just so we can grasp for it fully again.

You see! It ISN’T absolutely EASY!!!!

We have ourselves racing through a full circle of uncertainties, probabilities and possibilities. Difficulties and hardships per se are our “HOMELY visitors” and we’ve got no choice but to welcome them everyday, hug them every minute and be grateful every second for the moments they’ve shared with us, for they teach us how life can be. So that, we can deal with them much too easier, for there’d be no end and no finish lines for this race as long as we’re widely awake.

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