Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Look of Love

I look at you and your eyes met mine.
Now, look at what you’ve done.
A cloudy sky turns into bright blue
as the sun’s sparkling eyes set aglow.
A number of times there are,
at the end of the road, we keep our paces apart.
A few times as well,
I held my breath and tried to halt, so to feign.
I never laid eyes on you.
Just so when I look at you,
you’ll never take notice of
everything that you’ve done.
Everything seems weird.
My strong knees weakened.
My normal heartbeat divert to fast throbbing,
the frown transforms to a grin.
Above all, it’s pleasant.
All blacks turn to whites and pastels.
Dried leaves appear green and fresher.
Flowers bloom beautifully with pervasive fragrance
such as that of an aromatic perfume.
Birds chirp the sweetest melody I’ve ever heard.
This sounds odd.
However, fantabulous.
And, it’s all because of the reason which is you.

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