Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Writer's Block

Empty. Void. Blank.

Just nothing left on my mind that allows me to squeeze out words. Sitting here allowing my hands to type down whatever I could grasp. I’m neither lost nor in amnesia but I couldn’t pull myself together to scribble. Thinking out loud, I’m supposed to create a beautiful and inspiring poem to encourage anyone to be happy. I am out of track, however.

Nevertheless, here are just a few words.
It’s like a matter of life and death. Apologies for the digression of statement here.
At one point in our life, we ask why?
Why did God let us live in this world, full of suffering, and take our lives in any way and any time He would?
As a human being, we are bound to follow his ways. But because God is good, he didn't oblige us to do so. He gives us freewill; freedom to choose and decide whichever we think is best for us. Yet undoubtedly, He still is the one who knows what is best.
Think about it. Why did He allow us to live? What’s our purpose of living and braving the cruelty, unfairness and materialism of life? Why do we have to experience the addictive yet temporary happiness on earth?


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